New Changing Room Roof – Project Update

It has been some time since we last visited the construction site so here is a brief glimpse of progress since then.
The bad weather has unfortunately slowed things down a bit and even meant week-end working to catch up a bit but foreman Waz is confident that the completion date is not far away.
mini-C__Users_paulmason_Desktop_Image163 Saturday 8th February Ryan Jones takes a breather as he prepares to add extra scaffolding.
mini-C__Users_paulmason_Desktop_Image165Saturday 8th February Ryan Jones begins preparations for the next phase of the operation and insists on maximum advertising opportunity by backing the work’s lorry into view.
mini-C__Users_paulmason_Desktop_Image167 mini-C__Users_paulmason_Desktop_Image166Saturday 15th February – The first of the timbers is in place but the terrific winds have brought down part of the gable end. Was this the bit put up by Chris Rawlings?
Thursday 20th February – I know what you are all thinking. Did these 5 Eastern European refugees jump out of the back of a delivery lorry when it pulled up on site?
It is in fact Waz and the gang from PLW Construction Ltd who have taken off their hard hats to pose for a group photo. They look remarkably cheerful considering the appalling weather they have had to endure since the project began in early January. 
Thursday 20th February The building is rapidly beginning to take shape.

Thursday 20th February Views of the roof space which shows just how big the room is going to be when completed.
mini-C__Users_paulmason_Desktop_Image171 mini-C__Users_paulmason_Desktop_Image172 mini-C__Users_paulmason_Desktop_Image173