Work begins on the changing room new roof

It’s a bleak and cold Sunday 5th January 2014 as we take one last look at the changing rooms before the new roof project begins.
Notice how expertly the photographer has managed to capture the top of the five bar gate in the foreground.
Etheridge’s team arrives on site and start erecting the scaffolding.
Driver Andy Greenway dropping off the last of the scaffolding.
2nd week in January, some materials have arrived but there is no sign of Lee “Waz” Ward and the gang.
Tuesday 21st January and work is finally underway. “Waz” Ward tries to look professional but he is fooling no one.
More men at work. Are they really too busy to pose for the cameraman or are they trying to impress site foreman Waz?
We will leave them to it for a while and update you all on progress in due course…