Andy Bulumakau – “Forever Green”

Below is a post from Andy Bulumakau on the DRFC Players Facebook page. Great sentiments from a great player!

Hey boys, how we all doing?
Sorry for not coming around for a visit, just been really busy and working hard for my come back after been sidelined for a while.

Anyways just wanted to let you all know that I was asked who I wanted to be loaned out to and my first word was ‘Drybrook’.  But Gloucester management wouldn’t let me so I’ve ended up being loaned out to Cinderford RFC.

I know for a fact that their banter will not be any where as good as the all mighty Drybrook RFC.

I just wanted to thank you all for the two amazing and unreal years I had up there with you boys. Without you boys and the two amazing coaches, Frazer McArdell and Timothy Stevenson I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So thank you so much for everything and for sure we will need a catch up session in the bar at the club where I’ll probably end up getting my ears pierced and end up sleeping in someone’s house lol.

I owe the club and you boys a lot and don’t worry I’ve already told the Cinderford management that if there’s a fixture against Drybrook I will not be playing against the team that made me the player I am today. I have too much respect for the club and you boys.


Andy-B2Andy Bulumakau

Don’t worry I might be wearing Cinderford RFC colours on the outside but no doubt I’m still a Drybrook fan and player inside me. #GreenArmy ! #ThankYou.