New Building Works at The Mannings

There have been a few building projects at the club recently with a new gate steward’s hut and a refreshment hut now part of the Mannings scenery.

Gordon Bourne has been instrumental in the building of both projects with Rob Lambert and Pete Griffiths proving to be excellent roof felters when called upon, though they were inexplicably missing from the photo shoot!

The refreshment hut is to be opened on Saturday 5th October at 2pm and will sell a range of products from beer, lager and cider cans, to teas and coffees and a range of assorted snacks.

The mystery sales assistant will be revealed on the day.

100Gordy explains that there is sufficient headroom for any volunteer that wants to assist with gate duties.
94How high should the new gate steward’s hut be? What if Dale Critchley does a stint one day?
gate-hutCan anyone remember the old gate steward’s hut? – Demolished in 1989 when it had become redundant and ram shackled. The gate stood on the old entrance to the club before the existing entrance and car park were added in 1980
103Gordy adding the finishing touches to the refreshment hut. Rob Lambert and Pete Griffiths must be sat in the van – they said they were there!
The wild boar turned up a week too early and had to make do with rooting up a few acorns – has anybody seen Waz with some wire mesh and a post rammer?
105Would you like milk and sugar with that sir?………………Gordy looks especially pleased with himself as he poses for the photo-shoot.

93Gordy and Simon seem a little over dressed for this site meeting and surely alcohol is banned on any building site?
99The problem seems to have been resolved with a little guidance from Vice-Chairman Chris Rawlings
106The completed project – well done Gordy and thanks for all the hard work.
p108John Brown tries the new hut out for size and confirms that Gordy was right all along with sufficient headroom and working space.