NatWest Rugby Force Day

A big thank you to all 27 who turned up to help! (And to Oscar for cooking the hot dogs and chips.)

Young Heath can hardly believe his eyes as he races forward to get a better look at his granddad Oscar on wheelbarrow duty. The look of astonishment on Rob Lambert’s face says it all.

The path repair gang seem to have enlisted a young apprentice who shows vice-chairman Chris Rawlings how it should be done. natwest1Two old codgers add their horticultural experience.

At the first sign of rain Tom and Dean beat a hasty retreat to the clubhouse and abandon the post painting duties.

The girls section put the finishing touches to the car park clean up before posing for the group photo.
Jerry Fisher looks none the worse after his accident involving a ladder, some guttering and a roofing sheet. (Don’t ask!)

Dean and Tom maximise the advertising opportunity by posing in front of Tree’s van

natwest4The path repair gang in light hearted mood under the watchful eye of foreman Gordy Bourne. Pete Griffiths seems determined to take out the Treasurer.