Twickenham Final Day – Saturday 4th May

All buses organised by the club will be leaving the Mannings in 5 minute intervals from 7.30am

Lists will be placed on the notice board at the club showing which bus number you are booked on and the exact departure time.

Buses will not be waiting for latecomers.

Space near the car park entrance and on the roadside up to the middle field gate must be left free for loading of buses.

Car parking space is going to be limited so please use some common sense and leave cars behind if at all possible.

The field will be open for overflow parking (weather permitting) – entrance via gate by changing rooms

All buses will leave Twickenham at 5pm

All buses will have a steward on board so please make their job easier by paying attention to the pick- up and departure times.

The cost of travel is £13 paid in advance ( to Dean large or Andy Milner)or £15 paid on the day.

If your name is on the list and you do not turn up you will be expected to pay for your place.