Drybrook players “a credit to the game”!

Below is a letter received from Geoff Davies, GRFU Disciplinary Chairman
It was sent to him by Dave Ashwin, one of the County Disciplinary panelists.

Subject: Frampton v Drybrook

Hi Geoff

Watched above game two weeks ago and an incident occurred which I feel should not go unnoticed.

In the second half of a tight game Drybrook were in the Frampton 22 in a good position, the Frampton flanker put in a hard tackle on one of the Drybrook players and was concussed as a result.

The Drybrook hooker stayed with him shouting for the ref to stop the game.

Play had now gone to the far side of the pitch and the ref did not hear, but the Drybrook captain playing in the centre did.

Drybrook were now in a try scoring position, the captain however shouted to the ref to halt the game. The ref now heard the captain and stopped the game for treatment to the Frampton player.

The actions of the Drybrook players showed true sportsmanship, this being a tight top of the table clash played hard but fair by both sides.

The players were a credit to the game and their club.

We deal with the erring players however there are many that play in the true spirit shown by Drybrook.