Victorious Vets!

North Bristol Vets 5pts
Drybrook Vets 29pts

Last Friday evening the Vets made their way down to North Bristol for their first game of the season. On arriving at the ground the Vets were sure there must have been a mix up as it seemed North Bristol Colts had turned up to play them. Despite there not being a grey hair insight amongst the Bristol boy’s, Drybrook were assured that they were all in fact over the required age and the game kicked off at a frantic pace. Despite having all the play in the early stages North could only muster up five points. The defensive qualities of Jeffs and Marfell never looked in doubt, as the attackers ran straight at them, rather than taking the easy route around. It was not long before the gnarly old Drybrook forwards got into their stride and deprived the North of any worthwhile ball. Man of Steel Andy Jones was in his element at the scrum and Turk was ruling the skies at the lineout. Drybrook suffered their first setback when Captain Smiler was forced from the fray after injuring his shoulder, running sideways into Fanny. It was the first time Lee Wilks and Neil Jeffs had laughed in years!

The armband was passed to Hop-A-Long Ryder who puffed out his chest and donned it with pride.
Ryder inspired his men by selling two dummies and a second hand car on his way to the line to score his sides first points which he duly converted. The stand in skipper then slotted a penalty to edge the Vets in front at the break.
Half Time entertainment was provided by the Forest Emeralds Jazz Band who took the opportunity to practice for their re-union tour.
North made changes for the second half as a few of their team had to go home to finish their homework.
Drybrook also made changes bringing on Bad Back Tingle for Bad Back Thomas, who had both starred in Broke Back Mountain. Thomas needing to rest up for his pole dancing efforts later in the evening. Niell Ricketts was forced off Facebook to give Fanny a breather.
Scott  Morgan and Cloughy Davies came on to make their Vets debuts.

The men of the match were voted for by the travelling supporters who chose Marcus Cowles, because he had nice eyes and Mark Castree, because they knew his daughters would like to see his name in the paper. Special awards were presented to Simon Rugman for the best squeal and Legs Brookes for the champagne moment of the game with his tremendous run at the end.

An evening of wine, no women and song followed to cap a fantastic performance. The celebrations continued into the early hours when the Victorious Vets arrived back at Drybrook. A few sore heads to go along with the aching bodies were very prevalent the next day.

The second half started with a terrible injury to influential center Simon Rugman. He squealed worse than one of his Brother Jimmy’s pigs as his first pass of the game saw him twist his knee in the process. The rest of the backs were relieved to see him leave the field as it meant they might get to see some ball.
Ballinger and Castree were now making inroads into the North half and the ex- Gloucester (Civil Service) player Ian Morgan capitalized by sneaking in close to the posts making it easy for Hop-A-Long to add the extras.
The Irish winger Simon O’ Burke, back after a spell of convalescence at Townsend House Nursing Home, then scored a fine brace of tries to see off the game as a contest.
There was just time left for a barn storming run up the wing from Legs Brookes, which saw the North players scurrying to get out of his way. Unfortunately he ran out of steam on halfway and kicked the ball into touch to end the game.