Nat West Day 2017

The Lions may have lost the 1st test to the All Blacks but the sun was shining for
Nat West Day 2017 as a mighty force of over 40 volunteers from all sections of the
club turned out to partake in this annual event.
This year’s theme was “Spick and Span” and centred on tidying the club and
grounds up from decorating the clubhouse to painting the Rugby posts. This was
all choreographed by Lucie Smith who brilliantly organised the day making sure
all the various teams were assigned their jobs, had their materials and were fed
and watered afterwards.

The hierarchy for the day lead from the front sweeping up after the
ladies had re 
grouted the patio

No Paint needed here
The ladies did a sterling effort of painting the picnic benches and fences and saved
the club a lot of money by using up all their old tanning creams and products. They
all saved themselves a fortune at the sun shower as well as it was debatable which
had more paint on, the ladies or the benches.

Can Roger fix it? Yes he can

Roger Hale got his team together to paint the 1st team posts and everyone was left
wondering what he was giving them for refreshments as they painted themselves
instead of the posts. Roger stepped in and pointed this fact out to his understudies
who had managed to take longer on this task than it takes to paint the Forth Road

Junior Section answers the call
Not to be out done by the rest of the club, the junior section helped tidy up the gym,
changing rooms and kit rooms. They also had time to set up a ninja warrior assault
course for good measure but when faced with the challenge of this deadly course felt
it was much better to just have a good lie down.
Don’t be fooled by Brad and Ollie cleaning, they spent all day Weight training.

Boiler finally fixed?
After an early reprimand for Alcohol smuggling the plumbing crew finally fixed the
changing room boiler and several radiators in the gym…. Actually James Smith
fixed it all (so he said) assisted by 3 clowns who kept getting over friendly with each

Only a roller for Harry

Ben’s team had the unenviable task of painting the function room but with in the team at least they didn’t need ladders. Munity did rear its head
when H (as called by Beth) refused to use anything except a roller but after a
rapturous team talk by Club Captain Ben, H had to be told to stop as he was going
to paint the whole room again as he was so fired up. It didn’t work for all as Mitch
Hale had to be woken up on several occasions as he does on a rugby field.

Spick and Span
The final touch ups were under way and it was no surprise to see Neil amongst the
ladies as Nigel carried on like a trooper


With all work completed it was time to get the white spirits out (not to drink Billy
Bob), shower down and enjoy the fine selection of drinks on offer behind the bar.
Burgers and Hot Dogs were in plentiful supply which also encouraged many others
out from under the woodwork. Ice creams were supplied to all by Billy Bob and
everyone sat down to enjoy a game of the highest quality cricket it the evening sun.
The fabulous Andy Margrett entertained everyone with his fine singing and guitar
playing late into the evening as the day was brought to a fitting climax.
A Thank You goes out to everyone who took part especially Lucie for organising the day

Well Done Everyone we couldn’t do it without you!