Veterans remain unbeaten

Hornets Veterans 7pts
Drybrook Veterans 49pts

The Veterans set off at 9am for this eagerly awaited trip to Weston-Super-Mare but unfortunately a number of regulars were missing through a variety of excuses – more about this later.
On arrival the pitch was found to be very grassy down the flanks but a bit threadbare in the middle, a bit like Smiler’s hairstyle, but at least it was flat which was in direct comparison to most of the stomachs on view.
Hornets were 1 man short so Paul “Mojo” Weaver sportingly volunteered to become a donkey lover for the morning and donned the black and yellow of the opposition.
Worse was to come for the veterans when they realised that Simon Rugman and Soapy had been called into the first XV squad so a major rethink was needed on the tactics.
Instead of off loading at every opportunity to their two talismen the Vets decided to play an

expansive team game and it paid off handsomely.
They were assisted in this by referee Mr Chris Tingle who got into the spirit of things by wearing his “Uncle Fester” costume and the game developed into a very friendly and enjoyable encounter for everyone.
Jimmy Ryder was the star of the show with a try hat-trick and one conversion, whilst other tries came from Simon Burke (2), Steve Skelton (2 + I conversion), Jamie Roberts and Jim Rugman.
Jamie Roberts try came from a trademark interception, a ploy he has mastered to avoid tackling.

There were only a couple of sour notes in the game; the first came when Steve Skelton was tackled into touch and thought his opponent had dislodged his emergency pastie from his shorts pocket.
The old adage that “Nothing comes between Skelton and his food” is as true today as it has

always been but he soon realised the error and offered a humbling apology.
The second came when John Jeffs looked to be clean through before being brought down with a sliding football tackle.
The Redbrook moaner took exception to his opponents grin and had to be restrained by his team mates until a compromise was reached with the singing of Cwm baya.
This was a great performance by the Veterans who were badly let down by 17 men in the build up to the game.
In particular the Welsh contingent showed they could never be trusted again and it was obviously a mistake setting off before the Euroclydon had finished serving breakfast.

Drybrook Veterans XV; Steve Skelton, Dave Marfell, Jamie Roberts, Simon Burke, Jimmy Ryder, Ian Morgan, Craig Lancett, Clive Boughton, John Mustoe, Dave Brookes, Richard Roberts, Kerry Bourne, Dave Thomas, Jim Rugman.