Extras in need of new identity

Drybrook 3rds or the Extras as they are known are in search of a new team name. When the team was formed back in 1974 it was traditional for clubs to call their 3rd team the Extras. The name has been fairly anonymous for many years because of its lack of a lack of real identity.  
As no one really uses it, the call has come for a new and more appropriate name.
Anyone with any suggestions should pass them onto skipper James Smith or Chris Rawlings. 

Drybrook Extras pictured before the 56pts – 7pts demolition of Smiths 2nds on 29th October.
Back Row L to R; Paul Mason (Chairman), Mitch Williams, Pete Meek, Neil Rickets, Ben Steward, Chris Rawlings, Jamie Roberts, Ben Warren, Steve Turley, Steve Virgo, Craig Lancett.
Front Row; Jason Roberts, Chris Tingle, Dean Morris, Adam Harris (Manager), Jimmy Ryder (Vice-captain), Steve Skelton, Tony Hussey, Harry Rushworth, Joe Watts. Photo Courtesy Gus Griffin