Nat West Day – Saturday 25th June 2016

Once again this was a very successful day for the club with around 40 members giving up their time to complete some much needed maintenance and redecoration tasks on behalf of the club. Of the 12 objectives identified only one failed to be completed on the day – the painting of the door on the Alan Miles suite!


Chris Hale shows he has lost none of his teenage arson skills by coming up with a quick solution for getting rid of some of the rubbish thrown out.


When Mitch Baldwin and Ben Large ordered jaeger bombs at 9am we wondered what sort of state the gents function room toilets would end up looking like. We need not have worried as they did a fantastic job and finished just in time to watch England destroy Australia.

mini-Image246 - Copy

Some of the women’s team members  redecorated the function room ladies toilets and even added a truffle coloured feature wall (whatever that is) – There weren’t many of those in Drybrook in the 1960’s.


Plumbing team Jack Freeman and James Smith hold a site meeting with Mel who advises them on what to do next. Not only was the club’s heating system cleaned out and tested and lots of minor repairs carried out, but a hot water feed was finally added to the ladies function room toilets after a wait of 43 years!


Carmen and Andy were caught around the back of the refreshment hut – they said they were re-staining it so we will have to believe them.


Work horse and club stalwart Oscar Rawlings makes final adjustments to some of the coat hooks whilst there was a temporary lull in the bar.


Dean Large and sister Ceri together with Morg, Billybob and Miln get to grips with sorting out the loose tiles and re-decorating the shower area.

The man himself blamed the mid-afternoon downpour for spoiling his plans but as it was pointed out – if he had turned up at 9am like everyone else then it would not have been an issue.
Nevertheless the club are indebted to everyone who turned out and would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one.


Kev Lewis and his helper made swift work of cleaning out the changing rooms and replacing the damaged coat hooks. The rest of the junior section must have been on other tasks when this shot was taken!


Never one to miss a photo opportunity club chairman Paul Mason poses happily with the new member.


Chris Hale adds the finishing coat of Danish Oil to the boar sculpture and looks mightily pleased with himself in the process.


Brad and Ollie gave the lock up its annual clean out and were surprised to find a number of locations and purpose built facilities for storing the kit in a tidy manner. It is intended to roll out the news of this discovery to the rest of the club.
Meanwhile team leader Chris Rawlings displayed the art of good leadership by using his delegation skills to great effect whilst remaining conspicuous by his absence.


Mel and Oscar are pleased to welcome a new member of staff behind the bar – the face is familiar but just can’t put a name to him at the moment.


Sheila Griffiths and Rob Lambert did a great job of cleaning the marquee and smoking area as well as clearing out the guttering and cleaning down the facias. Meanwhile foreman Pete takes great delight in pointing out a bit they missed!