Drybrook to host Canadian Girls

Drybrook girls section are to host Mississauga Blues, a Canadian girls team from Friday 15th March to Sunday 17th March.
The team will be arriving on Friday 15th and will play a match against Drybrook girls on Saturday morning, followed by post match refreshments and entertainment in the afternoon/evening. The Mississauga Blues Coaches will be travelling to Cardiff in the afternoon to watch the Wales England 6 nations match (hope they’ve got their tickets!).
Members of the Drybrook girls section will be providing accomodation for the girls and coaches.
Mandy Morgan, Manager of Drybrook’s girls section said that she was
hoping to “make this a big event that will give the club and the girls section more publicity as well as making it a great time to remember for the Canada girls- especially as we are their final hosts before returning home.
“The other clubs hosting are Bournemouth RFC, Guildford RFC and St Helens RFC!
“We are thinking of ways to make this a really impressive 2 days and would like the senior committee and club members to support us in the event as much as is possible.
“The Canadian coach said that when he searched for teams to play, Drybrook RFC Girls section were the first 9 hits that came up!! Not bad eh!”