Then there were three!

Work finally began on the middle section of the covered spectator area on Friday 13th November. Choosing that particular date was obviously tempting fate and so it proved as the heavens opened and continued that way for the week long duration of the build.
The first thing that needed to be done was to remove the old dug outs so a temporary solution will be needed to keep Brad , Ollie and Soapy happy until a more permanent replacement is in place.
In the meantime if anyone has got a bench or a better idea let Soapy know.
Mike Bayliss, Jason Watts and their workforce deserve praise for sticking it out against the elements to make sure everything was completed on time for the Camborne game, including reinstatement of the paths and drains.






It was so wet that this is the nearest the concrete mixer could get. Everything had to be tipped into a dumper truck and carried across.


The steelwork is in place.

At first we thought we had stumbled upon some Eastern European metal thieves but thankfully it was the lads putting the last of the sheeting in place.


Machinery finally arrives at the Mannings.

Holes are excavated for the uprights to be fitted – who is that taking an unscheduled tea break!

There seems to be a problem with one of the holes. Don’t worry Jason Watts and Steve Moore are looking into it.

A view looking the opposite way. Ian Pritchard has a solution for the wet area in front – you guessed it, more sand!