Drybrooks Young Ambassadors in City celebrations

DRYBROOK girls u15s player Jasmine Parham was invited by Alan Myatt the town Cryer of Gloucester to be a young ambassador and take part in the procession through Gloucester last Saturday as part of the celebrations of the Rugby World Cup coming to Gloucester.
Jasmine is a talented athlete excelling in nmerous sports such as athletics – but is particularly gifted at rugby.
Jasmine paraded through the city as part of the World Cup celebrations proudly wearing her Drybrook shirt.
She was supported and joined by Drybrooks Livvy and Claire Smeeth and Holly May Hughes and they managed to get themselves a write up and photo in the Citizen!
Drybrooks young rugby ambassadors have been selected to be a major part of the world cup teams welcome ceremonies in the county.
This Saturday 12th September Drybrooks Chanise Beard and Robyn Hancock are attending the Tonga team welcome ceremony at Cheltenham Town Hall.
On Thursday 17th September Drybrooks Will Greenway and Maizie Morgan are attending the Scotland team welcome ceremony at Gloucester Cathedral.
The young ambassadors from Drybrook will be the Flag and Medal bearers on the day and will present the caps and medals to the teams on behalf of the RFU, they will be a major part of the occasion and are very privelaged to have been chosen to be part of the proceedings.
This is a fantastic opportunity for the youngsters to be part of the world cup, a once in a life time chance to be part of a very special time and to represent Drybrook RFC at such a huge event.
Good Luck to Drybrooks youngsters at these 2 fantastic events.