Clayton carves out a new career for club’s oak trees

When the winter winds made two of the club’s oak trees unsafe, health and safety deemed they had to be cut down.
Left with the prospect of two unattractive stumps the committee decided to ask ex-1st XV scrum half Clayton Ryder if he could turn them into sculptures.
Clayton is now a well-respected local chainsaw sculptor and has done many wonderful sculptures in his role at the Dean Heritage Centre.
He came along on Monday 17th August and in just over 4 hours he transformed the first stump into a magnificent boar’s head.
The second sculpture is to be a red squirrel in keeping with the club’s emblem and will be completed in the next week or so.
All that will be left to do then is to give each sculpture a coat of Danish oil to help preserve them.
The quest now is to find suitable names for the 2 sculptures. Suggestions already include Jersey and Tim, Ting and Smiler, or even Oscar and Jimmy (notice a theme emerging here?)
Members are invited to hand suggestions in to Mel by 1st September. The winner chosen by the club’s officers will receive a drinks voucher.
You can see more of Clayton’s brilliant sculptures at The Dean Heritage Centre
December 2014 and Andy Greenway gets to grips with the cutting down the damaged trees under the watchful eye of foreman Keith Matthews.

A small hole has been discovered in the boars head stump – don’t worry Pete is looking into it.

Even the best chainsaw carvers welcome advice from fellow enthusiasts so it was just as well that Chairman Paul Mason came along to help out with the tricky bits.
The sculptor proudly poses with the completed work.

Its 2nd February 2015 and Pete Griffiths holds a site meeting with Clayton Ryder to decide if the oaks are suitable for carving.

17th August 2015 Clayton begins the preparatory cuts ahead of the more complex carving.

Clayton makes the saw dust fly as he continues with his work.


Another view of the head – who does it remind you of?