Nat West Rugby Force Day – A Resounding Success


This was another fantastic working party assembled at the club and thanks go out to the 51 people who made it such a success on the day. Also thanks to those who could not make it on the day but who came along in the weeks leading up to do their bit.
Special thanks to the events committee for co-ordinating everything; Dean, Jenna, Andy, Carmen, Marie, Tori, Tom, Lucie and Tony – apologies if anyone has been missed out.
Thanks also to Mel for providing the bacon rolls & burgers.
The clubhouse exterior was painted and the entrance hall re-decorated. A new ceiling has been put up in the shower area and the perimeter path around the ground has been repaired and improved.
Some of the outbuildings have been given a coat of paint and a supersized plasma tv installed in the bar in readiness for the world cup.
Several plumbing jobs were carried out including the installation of a water supply to the physio room in the gym and a drinking water dispenser was fitted as well.
Morg managed to cut the hedge so that people can see out of the gym and Oscar even found time to give the bottle cage a clean-up.
The evening was rounded off with some music by the superb “Sons of Warren James”.
Well done to everyone concerned!

James, Jack and Matt are found skiving in the changing rooms and ordered back to work.

Pete & Sheila Griffiths look proud as they pose on the newly restored path around the pitch. They spent several days on this project suitably assisted by Ryan Jones and John Pegler.

Morg starts the big clean up in the lock up while Bradley seems to be lying down on the job. Ollie Moore is somewhere under that pile of rubbish.

Oscar shows Mel how to clean out the bottle cage and together they make short work of it.

Legs and Ting seem most pleased with their artistic interpretation of a squirrel on the nissen hut door – don’t give up the day job boys!

Craig Wintle and his little helper trim the overhanging weeds around the car park.

If struggling with the glass washer wasn’t enough, James Smith and Jack Freeman have to toil under the watchful eye of foreman Oscar who points out what they are doing wrong.

Quietly getting on with painting the Alan Miles suite is the aforementioned gentleman himself. It must be a bigger building than it looks as it took him a year to complete!

Nikki Hancock putting the finishing touch to the exterior walls.

Look how much rubbish we threw out! – is that Roger Hale in the back ground seeing how much he can get for it on ebay?

Andy Milner gets to grips with some of the prep work after discovering Dean had left early to go on a stag weekend to Portugal.

Roger Hale fixing up the supports for the club’s new giant plasma tv.

Michael Issac beginning the arduous task of putting a new ceiling in the showers.

Jon Mustoe & Murph seem to have spotted a bit that Andy Milner has missed.

Ben Large, Danny Price and Tony Suter look the part in the hallway but Tori seems to be the only one working!

Hubby Tom Treherne steps in to steal the lime light as Tori takes a breather to pose for the camera.

Can you see what it is yet? The girls get stuck into painting the club exterior but Chris Hale is till loitering outside the ladies toilet. Is this man DBS checked, has anyone called the police?

Chris Hale will do anything to sneak a peep through the ladies toilet window.

Legs, Ting, Miln & Murph caught having an impromptu break by the nissen hut, Andy Milner got really into the spirit of things by wearing his granddad’s hat.

Marie and Lucie lead the way on the exterior of the clubhouse; meanwhile Chris Hale is still loitering outside the ladies Toilet.

Catering manager Mel proved to be the most popular attendee on the day with a ready supply of bacon rolls, burgers and squash. In the background Miln and Carmen take a romantic stroll in the afternoon sunshine.