GRFU Reserve League Cup competitions – Semi-Finals

Although there are still several unreported results, the Competitions
Committee has decided to accept the results as they now stand.
(See the GRFU website for details.)

Semi-finals (with one exception) will be on March 14
Finals on April 4.
Home team listed first.

Clifton 2 v Old Centralians 2
Drybrook 2 v Dings Crusaders 2

St Mary’s OB 2 v Newent 2
Coney Hill 2 v Dings Crusaders 3

St Brendans OB 2 v Coney Hill 3
Longlevens 2 v Thornbury 3 (date to be confirmed)
Longlevens 1st XV have an important RFU cup match on March 14
and it was agreed they could re-arrange the semifinal.)