RFU ‘Make Contact’ Initiative – Funding secured

The club is delighted to announce that it has secured funding to help towards recruitment and retention of 16 – 24 year old players.

This is the age group that is most at risk of disappearing from the game altogether so the RFU is being very proactive in its approach to arrest the decline.

Drybrook along with a number of other clubs have submitted proposals to try and get this age group re-engaged with the game.

Drybrook will be looking to invite as many former players from this age group to not only come back to playing, but to be invited to social events at the club along with their friends and families.

There is a plan to reward every team at the club’s O2 Summer Touch Tournament for including at least one player from this age group in their teams with a special focus on trying to get one completely new sevens team entirely from this particular group.

As part of the the Rugby World Cup celebrations, the club will also be attempting to stage a floodlit match before one of the night games. It is hoped to be able to field teams consisting of returning players, those who find it difficult to make Saturdays, as well as those completely new to the game.

More details will follow.