Nat West Rugby Force Day – a tremendous success.

This was the best working party ever assembled at the club and thanks go out to the 49 people who made it such a success on the day. Also thanks to those who could not make it on the day but who came along in the week leading up;  Mandy, Neil and the girl’s section, Andy Milner, Jason Watts and his gang of helpers, Pete Griffiths et el. If we have missed anyone out then apologies all round.

The changing rooms are 90% painted and decorated, the new posts erected on the training pitch, and the lock up has been tidied up and put back in position. The new gym area is now ready for PLW Construction to plaster out so if anyone sees Waz then bend his ear.

The only thing we did not manage to achieve was the repair of some of the boards around the path on the first team pitch. This had more to do with Roger and Gordy having bad backs (they are pensioners after all!) than an unwillingness to get the job done. They have promised to get their team to complete their bit as soon as the corsets have arrived.

photo-(10)Club Chairman Paul Mason caught lying down on the job!

mini-Image221Is there anything this man can’t do?
Fresh from cooking breakfasts during the England/All Blacks third test, Treasurer elect and Events Committee Chairman Dean Large makes short work of painting the external doors.

mini-Image222Vice chairman Chris Rawlings displays the art of painting without preparation. Just as well Gary Taylor is on hand to clean up the mess behind him.

mini-Image223Top team of the day, the ladies team and helpers, pose for a team shot just before starting work. Not only numerically superior by some distance from the other groups (thanks to recruitment officer Lucy), they also did the best job and found the time to help complete the second team room as well. A few latecomers, who needed a bit more beauty sleep, swelled their numbers to 15 on the day.

mini-Image224 Kieran Auker-Howlett and Wattsey complete work in the corridor. Thanks also to Jason Watts and Will Greenway who came up in midweek to do the prep and camera shy mum Steph who hid out of view.

mini-Image2251st XV skipper Ben Large led a small but very trendy group in the home changing room – doing a first class job in record time.

mini-Image227Alan Miles in reflective mood as he contemplates the job ahead in the shower area.

mini-Image228Connor Auker-Howlett seems to be the only one clearing up the shower area. Team leader Alan Miles seems more interested in looking for fuel for his wood burner and Jerry Fisher had not returned from his lengthy tea break.

mini-Image230 Gordy Bourne and Jerry Fisher seem quite happy to enjoy the sunshine whilst everyone else is slaving away inside – or have they been caught trying to break into Tree’s van?

mini-Image229Are they actually measuring something up, or is this just a staged photo?

mini-Image231 While everyone else was working away, this tramp was spotted checking out the dustbins around the club. Wait a minute; he does bear a canny resemblance to Steve Hussey.

mini-Image232A poor photograph but this is what happens when Soapy is given a camera. It is of course the electricians team Tom, Mitch and Jack who have just completed the first fix work in the new gym area. Great effort lads.

mini-Image233Unassuming catering manager Oscar Rawlings working away to provide everyone’s lunch. This man deserves the Victoria Cross for his unselfish efforts under the heat of the mid-day sun. Will we ever see his like again?

mini-Image234Rich Guy turns up just in time to help Oscar serve the food – He should have taken a bit longer and took the time to select a better pinny.

mini-Image235The machinery arrives to help to erect the new posts on the training pitch. Pritch and Lank are on hand to supervise.

mini-Image236Simon, Jim and Mojo take a minute out to pose for the camera.

mini-Image237Oscar welcomes grounds man Ian Pritchard into the hall of fame alongside Lank and Dean. Chris Hale does his best to spoil a good photograph.