Update: New Changing Room Roof

8th March – Project manager Chris Rawlings saws the last of the roof battens to length. John Jeffs is seemingly unaware of the technical expertise taking place above his head as he enters the changing rooms.
8th March- Chris Rawlings checks batten positioning before giving the go ahead for the roof tiles to be fitted.

mini-C__Users_paulmason_Desktop_Image180-270214 (1)11th March – The  PLW Construction boys makes short work of tiling the roof and Waz turns up just in time to take the credit.mini-C__Users_paulmason_Desktop_Image187 130313th March .The rendering is also completed and Liam takes time out to admire his work. Meanwhile the floor joists have arrived from Hale and Co Ltd.

mini-C__Users_paulmason_Desktop_Image186 1303 (1)
Its 13th March and Waz moves inside to contemplate what to do next. One suggestion would be to get some new gloves – orange marigolds went out in the 1970’s.
27th March – The flooring is being put into place and Waz and Liam take an unscheduled tea break. Roger Hale catches them at it and is having none of it so he orders them back to work.
mini-C__Users_paulmason_Desktop_Image19129th March – Richard Bell takes a break from painting the exterior walls to pose for the camera.